Past Club Rockets

2022 – Catastrophe

The 2022 payload challenge was to find the launch vehicle when landed, according to the provided grid pattern given at competition, all without GPS. This was the first in-person competitive launch since 2019.

2021 – 81.5

The 2021 SL payload challenge was to air deploy a lander to take a level panoramic photo of the landing site. This rocket was designed and fabricated entirely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 – Dream Crusher

The 2020 SL payload challenge was to deliver a small rover to collect “ice” from the ground. Due to COVID-19, this rocket didn’t fly during competition in Huntsville. The rocket placed fifth overall in the competition despite the pandemic. Dream Crusher was relaunched spring 2022 as part of WolfWorks Experimental.

2019 – No Promises

Won the altitude award, 12 feet away from predicted apogee.

2018 – FERV (Flat Earth Research Vehicle)

Launched twice in one weekend. On the second launch landed in a ditch, destroying the structural integrity of the bluetube air-frame.

2017 – Vesuvius

Deployed a lander payload from inside of the rocket at apogee.

2016 – Penumbra

Featured a novel airbrake system that worked effectively in practice.

2015 – Lobo Fuego

Won first place for NASA Student Launch and Centennial Challenges with the Mars Ascent Vehicle Centennial Challenge.

2014 – VAR (Very Aggressive Rocket)

Suffered CATO (catastrophe at take off) due to a hairline crack in motor casing.

2013 – Ad Astra

Launch vehicle was never successful.

2012 – Prodigious

Carbon fiber rocket. Flew to 9,323 feet in fall 2014.

2011 – No Name

Largest rocket in club history, caused NASA to establish new sizing requirements for Student Launch rockets. Re-flew in fall 2015.

2010 – Red Means Go

First time the club competed in NASA student launch. Won the Rookie Award and Team Spirit Award.